Aim and Scope

Journal of Turkish Science Education (TUSED) publishes scholarly papers that concentrate on science teaching and learning in school settings ranging from early childhood to higher education as well as workplace and informal learning, which are related to science education. Hence, its purpose is to link research with practice by providing information, ideas, opinions and insights. As an international journal, the TUSED welcomes contributions from all over the world.

In looking for research to publish, the TUSED seeks manuscripts that will make contributions to and advance our knowledge in science education research rather than duplicating what has already been done and known. Thus, the TUSED is also interested in publishing valid and original research that address new capabilities of science learning/teaching and innovative practices in science learning/teaching. The TUSED especially emphasizes research in educational practice and scholastic realities in schools and universities. The TUSED may directly be concerned with science education, but it also welcomes manuscripts on interdisciplinary research areas, e.g., Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

The TUSED is the journal associated with the Organization, Education and Consultancy Company ( and the Ekip Limited Company which provide educational services to public institutions and private companies. Also TUSED is supported by the Faculty of Education of Uludag University ( So, the TUSED will continue to review articles, editorials, book reviews, and other teaching/measurement materials in science education and related science disciplines.