High School Students' Levels Of Relating The Chemistry Knowledge To Daily Life Acid-Base Example

Research Article

  • Mustafa YADİGAROĞLU https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8143-2339
  • Zeynep Agyan
  • Gokhan Demircioglu
Keywords: Acid-base concept, association with daily life, high school students


This study aims to determine to what extent high school students are able to associate their knowledge of acid-base concepts with daily life. A form consisting of six open-ended questions was used to collect data in line with the specified purpose. Case study design, which is one of the qualitative research methods, was preferred as a method. A total of 158 high school students, 77 male, and 81 female, participated in the study. Student responses, obtained from the data collection form, were categorized as understanding, partial understanding, misunderstanding, and unanswered. This study had determined that the students could not adequately correlate their knowledge about acid-base concepts with the acid-base events they encounter in daily life. Recommendations were made based on the results obtained in the study.