Teachers’ Views on Turkey’s Zero Waste Project (TZWP)

Research Article


  • Ahmet Volkan Yüzüak Assist. Prof. Dr. Bartın University
  • Sinan Erten Hacettepe University


Environmental education, Recycling, Zero waste


The Zero Waste Project is likely to solve waste problems. This research aims to specify the opinions of teachers regarding Turkey's Zero Waste Project (TZWP). This study was carried out in the 2019-2020 academic year, with 126 participating teachers working in various disciplines, such as science, math, and social sciences, in the primary and secondary public schools. The semi-structured interview was used as a method in this research that covered qualitative data techniques. The obtained data was studied by using descriptive analysis. However, this study's findings suggested that most teachers did not know anything about the project implemented for four years. It was seen that teachers were not well-informed about or ignorant of zero waste. The educators are needed to achieve the goals of TZWP. Thus, it is suggested that environmental education be included in various disciplines and raise environmental awareness among individuals should become one of national education's primary objectives. It is a must, too, for all teachers and teacher candidates to develop environmental awareness.



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Author Biography

Sinan Erten, Hacettepe University

Maths and Science Education Department




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Yüzüak, A. V., & Erten, S. (2022). Teachers’ Views on Turkey’s Zero Waste Project (TZWP): Research Article. Journal of Turkish Science Education, 19(1), 71–81. Retrieved from http://tused.org/index.php/tused/article/view/1497
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