The Effect of Learning by Teaching on Pre-Service Science Teachers’ Attitudes towards Chemistry

  • Safiye ASLAN Aksaray University, Aksaray-TURKEY
Keywords: tAtitude towards chemistry, learning by teaching, pre-service science teachers


This study examined the effect of learning by teaching on pre-service science teachers’ attitudes towards chemistry. The method used in this study; learning by teaching, was developed by Jean-Pol Martin for foreign language classes and is frequently used in Germany. This method has been restructured over a 3-year process to be used in a science course in this study. The current study presents the implementation of the method after three years’ revision. The sequential explanatory method was followed which is one of the mixed methods research designs. The study was conducted during the 2015– 2016 academic year with 49 pre-service science teachers, who were selected by purposeful sampling. Data was collected twofold: with a Chemistry Attitude Scale and focus group interview. The results of this study showed that learning by teaching was effective in positively increasing the attitudes towards chemistry.