Pre-Service Science Teachers' Views towards the Process of Associating Science Concepts with Everyday Life

  • Salih Çepni Uludag University, Faculty of Education, Bursa-TURKEY
  • Bestami Buğra Ülger Uludag University, Institute of Educational Sciences, Bursa-TURKEY
  • Ümmühan Ormancı Uludag University, Institute of Educational Sciences, Bursa-TURKEY
Keywords: Association with everyday life, opinion, prospective teacher, science


For students to be educated as science-literate individuals; It is expected that they will be able to know the basic knowledge of science, transfer these knowledge to everyday life, and use them to solve issues / problems they encounter. At this point, there are great duties for prospective teachers, who are teachers of the future, to raise science-literate individuals. It is aimed to take the opinions of prospective science teachers about the process of associating science subjects with everyday life in this study. 106 prospective science teachers participated in the research carried out as a case study. Opinion form and semi-structured interview were used as data collection tools while descriptive and content analysis methods were preferred in analysis. According to the theme created from the findings, the prospective teachers defined association with daily life as the use of information in everyday life, the connection of information with everyday life, giving examples from everyday life. As a result, in the study, it was found that, in associating with daily life, prospective teachers focused on transfer of knowledge to everyday life whereas they emphasized less about feeling, seeing or understanding science in events or situations that they encounter in everyday life.