Adapting the Teachers' Efficacy and Attitudes towards STEM Scale into Turkish

  • Bekir YILDIRIM Muş Alparslan University, Muş-TURKEY
Keywords: Attitudes, Science Teacher, Teacher Efficacy, STEM


The aim of this study is to adapt the Teacher Efficacy and Attitudes Toward STEM Scale into Turkish. The Turkish version was adapted to 570 science teachers drawn from varied experiences and science disciplines. Firstly, the Turkish STEM scale was validated through translation and back-translation procedures. Secondly, exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses were conducted to examine its construct validity. The results confirmed that the Turkish STEM scale possessed the same seven-factor structure in its original version and showed good model fit indexes. The Cronbach alpha co-efficients were ranged from 0.88 to 0.96. To sum up, this study showed that the Turkish version of the STEM scale had a good validity and reliability for measuring science teachers' efficacy and attitudes towards STEM.