Examination of the Teacher Self-Efficacy of Pre-Service Biology and Science Teachers in Terms of Different Variables

  • Miraç Yılmaz
  • Perihan Güneş
Keywords: Academic Self-Efficacy, Pre-service Biology Teacher, Pre-service Science Teacher, Self- Efficacy Belief, Teacher Self-Efficacy


The objective of this study is to determine the teacher and academic self-efficacy of pre-service biology
and science teachers and to examine of the teacher self-efficacy of pre-service biology and science
teachers in terms of different variables (academic self-efficacy, grade level and academic achievement)
The study sample consists of 134 pre-service teachers. In the study, we used the Teacher Self-Efficacy Scale (α= .91) and the Academic Self-Efficacy Scale (α= .87). We used descriptive analyses and regression analysis in the examination of the data. As a result of the descriptive analyses, it was determined that pre-service teachers had high levels of teacher self-efficacy ( X = 166,02), academic selfefficacy ( X = 21,58), and academic achievement ( X = 3,41). The study results suggest that pre-service teachers have high levels of teacher self-efficacy and levels of academic self-efficacy. Besides, it was observed that the academic self-efficacy made a significant contribution to the prediction of the belief of teacher self-efficacy and the entire model explained 26% of the variance. Since the results point out the academic self-efficacy as the variable predicting the teacher self-efficacy, it makes us think about the necessity for supporting and developing the pre-service teachers to accomplish an academic task during their education.