Science Student Teachers’ Views and Conceptions of the Interdisciplinary Sexual Health Education

  • Hatice MERTOGLU Marmara University, Istanbul, TURKEY
Keywords: Interdisciplinary approach, qualitative study, sexual health education, science student teachers


This research aims to determine science student teachers’ views and conceptions of the interdisciplinary sexual health education course. Also, the current study inferiorly purposes to eliminate their misconceptions after the course. Data were obtained from in-class student products, course evaluation forms and course field notes. Within a qualitative methodology, they were descriptively evaluated and analyzed. The science student teachers under investigation stated that the interdisciplinary sexual health education course was very effective at freely talking about sexuality. Further, they depicted that they were able to easily get more accurate, reliable and memorable information from primary sources by asking the specialists/experts during the course. Overall, it can be concluded that the course remedied their misconceptions of the sexuality.