The Determinants of Leisure Attitudes: Mediating Effect of Self-Efficacy among Students from Science, Engineering and Medicine Colleges

  • Malek JDAITAWI
  • Abeer RASHEED
  • Mohamed GOHARI
  • Yasser RADDY
  • Mehmet AYDIN
  • Ahmed ABAS
  • Abdelmonim HASAN
  • Ahmad KHATIRY
Keywords: University students, mediating effect, leisure attitude, learning, self-effciacy


This resent study investigated the relationships between leisure attitude, self-efficacy and achievement motivation among first year university students. Furthermore, this study examined the mediating role of self-efficacy on the relationship between leisure attitude and achievement motivation among university students. A total of 190 students were selected from Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University using cluster sampling method. The questionnaires consisted of the revised version of the self-efficacy scale, leisure attitude measure and achievement motivation measure. The results revealed that there were significant positive relationships between the study variables. additionally, the result also showed that self-efficacy partially mediated the achievement motivation-leisure attitude relation. The implication is that students’ abilities should be improved by promoting leisure activities which may motivate them to participate in the learning activities.