About the Journal

The Journal of Turkish Science Education (TUSED) is a peer-reviewed and fully open-access international journal that only publishes and promotes original manuscripts in science education. The scholarly articles TUSED interested in to publish must be valid, trustworthy, advances the knowledge and original rather than reproducing what science education community already know.

Researches can be various forms, qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods etc. But they should be scientifically reliable and valid. More of those innovative practices and how these relate to science education will be paid utmost attention by TUSED. With this philosophy, TUSED will continue to review and publish articles seen as important for science education community by Editors. 

TUSED aimed to be a reputable knowledge source that science education community can debate, judge and reframe the information via articles published. We look forward to the interest and support in future from our subscribers and science education community.

ISSN: 1304-6020