Privacy Statement

This privacy policy applies to our various services, encompassing websites, apps, and other offerings such as programs and events, all connected to or linked to this particular privacy policy. It is important to note that this policy can be complemented by additional privacy statements, terms, or notices that may be presented to you separately or within the service itself. The primary entity responsible for controlling and managing users’ personal information, submitted to, or gathered by, the service is the Pegem specified in the service details.

All publishing activities at TUSED strictly adhere to international copyright legislation, ensuring the protection of both authors and TUSED. TUSED publishes articles under open access, utilizing the CC BY-NC-ND license. Upon acceptance of an article, authors are obligated to complete a "License Agreement."

For the purpose of manuscript evaluation for potential publication, the author(s) or rightsholder(s) (referred to as the 'Rightsholder') grants the Licensee the rights to utilize all manuscript versions for analysis, testing, and the development of publishing and research-related workflows, systems, products, projects, and services. Additionally, the Rightsholder allows the Licensee to confidentially share the manuscript with specific third parties for similar purposes. The Licensee is also granted the right to retain and store the manuscript, along with any associated correspondence, files, and forms, to maintain a historical record and facilitate research integrity investigations. This grant of rights remains in effect on a non-exclusive basis even if the manuscript is withdrawn, not accepted for publication, or is otherwise not published.

Use of Article Versions:

a) For primary research manuscripts, the Rightsholder has the discretion to make the initially submitted version of the manuscript (referred to as the "Submitted Manuscript") available at any time and under any terms, including but not limited to, a CC BY-NC-ND license. After the article is published, the Rightsholder will acknowledge this and provide a link to the officially published version on the Licensee's website, stating: "This preprint has not undergone peer review (when applicable) or any post-submission improvements or corrections. The version of record of this article is published in TUSED and is available online at number."

b) For articles published on an open-access basis, TUSED encourages sharing of the published Version of Record under the terms of the relevant Creative Commons license.

Under no circumstances is it permissible to share or distribute an Accepted Manuscript under a Creative Commons license or any other form of open access license.

These terms, along with the terms of any publishing agreement established between the Rightsholder and the Licensee upon acceptance for publication, take precedence over any other terms that the Rightsholder or any third party may claim to apply to any version of the article.

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