Using Teaching Strategies of Model-Based Co-construction of Pre-service Elementary Teachers about Seasonal Change

  • Jun-Young OH
  • Hee-Ju MAENG
  • Yeon - A SON
Keywords: Teaching strategy, Kuhn’s philosophy, pre-service elementary teachers, Model-Based Co-construction, seasonal change


The main purpose of this study is to develop teaching strategies for “Model-Based Co-construction” to promote students’ understanding of a scientific model of seasonal change. In particular, the research method is cognitive conflict strategies and teacher feedback in interaction with the students a reexamined in the context of pre-service elementary teachers at J. National University of Education in South Korea. The research results show that prompting learners’ scientific model reconstruction through cognitive conflict strategies and teacher-student interaction could be a promising tool to enhance science teaching of astronomical subject matter that is resistant to conceptual change. The research implication is that Model-Based Co-construction provides a graduated approach to learning that is highly applicable to the history of science and its ongoing evolution.