The Effectiveness of the 4MAT Teaching Approach in Enhancing Conceptions of Electricity in Physics for Female Students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Fayadh Hamed ALANAZI


This study sought to examine the impacts of the application of the McCarthy Model (4MAT) teaching approach in enhancing seventh-grade female students’ conceptions of electricity in physics. The study sample comprised a total of 41 female students, who were selected from two schools located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s city of Aljouf. The sample was divided into two groups, comprising 20 and 21 students in the experimental and control groups, respectively. The students in the experimental group were taught the science content through the 4MAT teaching approach, while students in the control group were taught with a more traditional approach of teaching. In order to attain the study objectives, two different study tools were designed, a teacher guide centered on the 4MAT teaching approach and a knowledge test concerning the physics conceptions of electricity. The findings showed that statistically significant differences were observed in enhancing the conceptions of electricity in physics between the experimental group and the control group, with students in the experimental group found to perform better than students in the control group.