Determination of the Metaphores Related to the Virus Concept of Pre-Service Science Teachers in the Pandemic Process by Using Phenomenological Method

Keywords: Metaphor, Pandemic, Phenomenology method, Pre-service science teacher, Virus.


In this study, it was aimed to determine the metaphors of pre-service science teachers about the concept of “virus” during the pandemic process. Qualitative research approach and accordingly phenomenology method were preferred in this study. The study group consists of 47 volunteer pre-service science teachers, chosen by purposeful sampling and appropriate situation sampling. The data were obtained using the semi-structured interview technique. The data obtained were processed by content analysis method, which is also known as descriptive-interpretative analysis. As a result of the analysis, it was determined that 41 metaphors were formed. Regarding these metaphors, 6 metaphor themes were created: These are; “Anxiety and Worry, Education and Training, Spreading Structure and Process, Warning and Sanction, Violence and Harm, Unexpected Situation and Dissatisfaction” themes. As a result, it is suggested that by conducting such studies both in the same programs of different universities and in different teacher education programs, representative findings of our country can be obtained.