A Meta-Synthesis Research on Knowledge of Pre- and In-Service Science Teachers in Turkey

Research Article

Keywords: Teacher knowledge, science, meta-synthesis, qualitative.


This research aims to analyse qualitative / mixed studies done in the last five years on the knowledge of pre- and in-service science teachers in Turkey. For this meta-synthesis research, 10 Master’s and 10 Ph.D. theses, which are available in the archives of Higher Education Council National Thesis Centre, provided data. In this research, the contents of these theses are analysed and synthesized in depth. Results revealed mixed methodology was used more in the theses, participants of the theses were mostly pre-service science teachers, theses put focus more on the “technological pedagogical content knowledge” of the pre- and in-service science teachers, theses discussed mostly (a) the knowledge levels and (b) the development of knowledge of pre- and in-service science teachers.