Developing Energy Systems Engineering Students’ Perceptions of Renewable Energy for Sustainable Future

  • Gülüzar EYMUR
Keywords: Renewable energy, Sustainability, Engineering students, Students’ perceptions


The main purpose of this study is to describe engineering students’ perceptions about renewable energy. The paper focuses what the engineering students’ know about renewable energy and developing their understanding on it. To determine students’ pre- and post-perceptions about renewable energy, firstly, the questionnaire was developed by the researcher. After conducting the questionnaire, the courses and seminar were prepared. Then, the differences of percentages between pre- and post perceptions were identified. This study found that although the students were in Energy System Engineering Department, they still had many misconceptions about renewable energy. After the course prepared by researcher many students handled their misconceptions and developed their knowledge about renewable energy. This study has demonstrated that as the course took place, the perceptions, and misconceptions of students about renewable energy changed. It also recommended that if the single course can achieve the changes of perceptions and misconceptions of students, consistent changes might be succeeded by curriculum. The learning outcomes of the students showed that the course fits exactly for fulfilling future necessities for the education of students in sustainable topics.