The Comparison of ICT' Literacy between Teachers and Students and Presenting a Model for Development of ICT in Schools

Keywords: Information and Communication Technology, Technology in Education, ICT Literacy Skills, Country-Specific Developments


The major goal of the research is “the comparison of ICT’ literacy between teachers and students in Iran’s schools and presenting a model for development of information and communication technology literacy in schools”. A group sample of teachers, 367 and a group sample of students, 384 were selected through simple random sampling method. Method of the research is survey and for study and analyzing of particular goals of the research, Using of two questionnaires and interview that are prepared for measurement and comparison ICT literacy. For analyzing the description and inferences statistics, we used chi-square tests have been used by exploiting of two-dimensional tables. Deductive analysis of the data shows that in all five factors, there is a meaningful difference between ICT literacy of teachers and students’. General result of the research shows that ICT literacy of students in all factors higher and greater than teachers’.