Saudi Undergraduate Students’ Needs of Pedagogical Education for Energy Literacy

  • Amani K. Hamdan ALGHAMDI Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University – SAUDI ARABIA
  • Wai Si EL-HASSAN University of Jordan – JORDAN
Keywords: Attitude, energy literacy, behavior, knowledge, Saudi Arabia, sustainability, university,, willingness


This research focused on the interrelationships amongst students‟ willingness, attitudes, behaviors and factual knowledge of energy-related issues in Saudi Arabia. A valid survey was administered to undergraduate students in a public university in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The students (N=313) had positive attitudes and willingness on most energy concepts and issues. Mean score of behaviors indicated that they sometimes engaged in energy saving behavior. Most of their responses to the knowledge questions fell into low knowledge levels. The results revealed a positive willingness to voluntarily take action correlated with a positive attitude. Moreover, there were no other statistically significant differences between the factors under investigation. In summary, the students had a fairly positive attitude towards clean energy and energy conservation. However, they needed to be informed about a „green‟ lifestyle that meets Saudi Arabian Vision 2030 strategies and national sustainable development goals. The present study recommends that energy-related content be included into undergraduate and university preparatory curricula to bolster future energy literacy in Saudi Arabia.