Scientific Inquiry Perception and Ability of Pre-service Teachers

  • Z. Zulfiani
  • Yanti Herlanti
Keywords: Inquiry perception, Inquiry ability, Pre-service teachers


The research purpose was to assess the inquiry perception and ability of biology pre-service teachers. This research used mixed methods, with embedded design drawing on instruments adapted from the Principle of Scientific Inquiry – Teacher (PSI-T), inquiry ability test, and open questions list. Data analysis used descriptive statistics technique and independent sample t-test. The results showed high scientific inquiry perception and ability of pre-service teachers who used structure inquiry learning strategy in the classroom. There are no significant differences among scientific inquiry perception and the ability of pre-service teachers with respect to gender, but there are differences according to university. Pre-service teachers need to improve inquiry strategies in the classroom to the next levels, i.e., guided inquiry and open inquiry, which provides positive implications for students to be more independent and creative.