Promoting Conceptual Change in Science Which is More Effective: Conceptual Change Text or Analogy?

  • Serkan SEVİM Pamukkale University, Faculty of Education, Denizli-TURKEY
Keywords: Conceptual Change, Conceptual Change Text, Analogy


This research is planned to examine the efficiency of conceptual change text and analogy consisting of science students’ alternative concepts within basic concepts of Chemical Bonds. The sample of this study is composed of the selected 46 students who attend science classes at Çukurca Mehmetcik Private Courses. The students were graduated from high school and were continuing their education in the institute to prepare for the university exams. The quasi-experimental research design was used in this study. Two classes were randomly selected as experimental groups from four classes. In the study, data was collected by using “Chemical Bonds Concept Achievement Test” (CBCAT). The CBCAT was used as the pre-test to detect students’ levels at the beginning of the study, and the post-test to find out the students’ new levels of achievement. In the analysis of the data, an independent sample test design was performed, in which dependent variables were the pre-test and post-test scores.