Pre-Service Science Teachers’ Conceptions of Systematics and Taxonomy

  • Ebru ÖZTÜRK AKAR Abant Izzet Baysal University, Faculty of Education, Bolu-TURKEY
Keywords: Classification, Conception, Preservice Science Teachers, Systematics, Taxonomy


This study aims to examine the pre-service science teachers’ conceptions of Systematics and Taxonomy. Sample of the study consists of 54 preservice elementary-science teachers enrolled in a compulsory General Biology course. Groups were asked to classify 100 representatives of traditional phyla and kingdoms before the subject of Classification of Life’s Biodiversity was presented. While the subject matter was being presented, participants were required to identify their mistakes, and write reflection papers addressing the reasons for these mistakes. Data were analyzed through qualitative data analysis techniques. Findings revealed that the preservice teachers’ earlier school experiences did not help them to overcome their tendencies to utilize intuitive folk taxonomy and/or analogue comparison, and semantic similarities as their main criteria of classification.