An Adaptation Study for the Measurement of Scientific Process Skills in Gifted Students: Diet Cola Test

Research Article

  • Bestami Buğra Ülger Hakkari University
Keywords: Scientific process skills, gifted and talented, The diet cola test, test adaptation


The Fowler Diet Cola Test (DCT) was originally developed to assess the scientific process skills of students in science classrooms. The use of the test is generally suggested for gifted students in science. There are a considerable number of Scientific Process Skills (SPS) tests that the researchers developed for the different student populations. The necessity of a test that measures gifted students’ scientific skills in Turkey is the major reason to conduct this study. This study investigated the reliability and validity of the test for the Turkish context. The test itself contains two scientific problems as Form A and Form B. We examined and resulted in the reliability estimates and translation procedures which are interrater reliability, equivalent forms, and criterion validity. Also, we presented the validity results to show this test can be helpful and suited for gifted students in 5th and 6th-grade science classes. The results suggest that DCT is a suitable instrument for assessing students' science process skills identified as talented in 5th and 6th-grade students.