Gifted education and STEM: A Thematic Review

  • Bestami Buğra ÜLGER
  • Salih ÇEPNİ
Keywords: Gifted education, STEM education, thematic review, STEM talent


In recent years, researchers have been interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and educational studies of scientific giftedness have increased. In this study, we thematically reviewed studies both scientific giftedness and STEM education contexts. We aimed to shed light on the academic outcomes of STEM and scientific giftedness studies. In total 72 articles were examined. Articles available in the literature were analyzed using a matrix that consisted of content features (aims, research methods, samples or participants, results and suggestions) and general features (type of journal and year) in thematic review. The findings are presented under the themes shown in the matrix. In general, the researchers focused on the following content features: STEM schools and programs, STEM career choices, STEM talent development, and scientifically gifted student characteristics. Within this context, we discussed the results and implications for future research in the field of STEM education and impacts on gifted students.