Thematic Content Analysis of Doctoral Theses in STEM Education: Turkey Context

  • Ümmühan ORMANCI
Keywords: STEM, doctoral theses, Turkey, thematic analysis


The aim of the study is to examine the doctoral theses in STEM education in Turkey in a comprehensive manner. Thematic content analysis method was used in the study. The data were obtained from the doctoral theses published until 2020 by examining CoHE National Thesis Center. As a result of the screenings, 30 doctoral theses were reached in the field of STEM education. Doctoral theses in the study were analyzed using the matrix. The data obtained was analyzed by using descriptive and content analysis method. In the findings obtained from the study, studies investigating the effect of STEM approach on academic success, understanding, scientific process skills and attitudes towards STEM are frequently encountered. In this context, it can be stated that studies have been carried out on the effects of STEM applications on both affective field, skill and cognitive field. However, when we look at the variables examined, it is generally understood that similar variables are studied. In this context, it is thought that studies on new variables, especially current skills in STEM education, will be important for the literature.