Reconstructing Students’ Misconceptions on Work and Energy through the PDEODE*E Tasks with Think-Pair-Share

  • Achmad Samsudin
  • Nur Faadhilah Afif
  • Muhamad Gina Nugraha
  • Andi Suhandi
  • Nuzulira Janeusse Fratiwi
  • Adam Hadiana Aminudin
  • Rizal Adimayuda
  • Suharto Linuwih
  • Bayram Costu
Keywords: Misconceptions, PDEODE*E Tasks, Reconstructing, Think-Pair-Share Model, Work and Energy


This study aimed to expand PDEODE*E Tasks with the Think-Pair-Share model for reconstructing students’ misconceptions on work and energy. The PDEODE*E Tasks with
Think-Pair-Share model implemented for students who had not taught the concept of work and energy. The participants include 36 students of tenth grade (22 girls and 14 boys, whose
ages ranged from 15 to 16 years) at a senior high school in Bandung, Indonesia. Students’ misconceptions evaluated by administering an Energy and Momentum Conceptual Survey
(EMCS) comprised of 18 items in the form of four-tier, as pre- and post-test. Furthermore, students’ thoughts also elicited using worksheets of seven PDEODE*E tasks. A qualitative
approach is used to analyze the test and worksheets. The data analysis had mostly focused on work and energy concepts such as work, energy, and conservation of energy. The
findings suggested that PDEODE*E Tasks with Think-Pair-Share model improved students’ conceptual understanding and reduced most of their misconceptions despite a
little misconception motionless occurred. Teachers can use PDEODE*E tasks with the Think-Pair-Share model to reconstruct students’ misconceptions.