The Effects of STEM Education on Scientific Process Skills and STEM Awareness in Simulation Based Inquiry Learning Environment

  • Uğur SARI
  • Esra DUYGU
  • Ömer Faruk ŞEN
  • Talip KIRINDI
Keywords: STEM, inquiry learning, computer simulation, scientific process skills, awareness


In this study, the effects of STEM education in the simulation–based inquiry learning (SBIL) environment on the students' scientific process skills and STEM awareness were investigated. In addition, the use of simulations in STEM education was discussed by evaluating students' views on activities. Study group of the research consists of 39 students enrolled in science teaching undergraduate program at a university in Turkey. Results of the study showed that STEM education performed in the SBIL environment has a positive effect on the development of scientific process skills and STEM awareness. The students expressed a positive opinion on the STEM education that it provided the development of scientific process skills and increased their attitude and motivation towards the course. The students stated that the simulation program used in the STEM activities provided important advantages such as designing and developing engineering products, experiments and reducing errors.